Jason Jordan
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Height 6ft 3in
Weight 245lbs
From Chicago, Illinois
Debut 11th January 2016
Brand RAW

Jason Jordan is a member of the RAW roster as of 2017. He is notably in a tag team with Chad Gable as American Alpha, in which the two are former World Tag Team Champions as well as ECW World Tag Team Champions.


American Alpha, World Tag Team Champions & ECW World Tag Team Champions (2016)

Jason Jordan made his WTX Universe debut alongside Chad Gable on the January 11th edition of RAW, the team faced and defeated Austin Aries & Bobby RoodeOn Ferbruary 15th, American Alpha defeated The New Day to be named contenders for the World Tag Team Championship. On March 7th, the team challenged Angelico & Son of Havoc for the World Tag Team Championship, defeating the former champions to win their first championship only two months into their careers. The following week they retained against the former champions.

The team quickly entered into a rivalry with Scott Hall & Kevin NashThe Outsiders, for the championships. At WrestleMania V, American Alpha defeated The Outsiders with assistance from Kurt Angle. The team was drafted to SmackDown the following night. They made their SmackDown debut on April 14th, retaining their championships against The Vaudevillains.

At Judgment Day, they lost their championships to The Ascension, who had quickly re-emerged as top contenders. As SmackDown was then replaced by ECW, American Alpha continued pursuing their former championships, defeating The Ascension in the main event of the June 28th edition of ECW to become ECW World Tag Team Champions.

As The Ascension began wearing the previously retired World Tag Team Championships again, a 6-Man Tag Team Match was booked for SummerSlam featuring American Alpha teaming with ECW ChampionAJ Styles, to face The Ascension and Kane (who was wearing the retired World Heavyweight Championship.) With the winning team deciding the future for ECW, as to whether it would remain or SmackDown would be brought back, stating that nobody's championships would be on the line in the 6-Man Tag, potentially making American Alpha the final ECW World Tag Team Champions.

Championships and Accomplishments

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