High Voltage
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Members Ricochet

TJ Perkins

Combined Weight 397lbs
Debut 27th June 2016
Years Active 2016-present

High Voltage is a former team within the WTX Universe, the team consisted of Ricochet & TJ Perkins. The team are former WWE Tag Team Champions.


Formation (2016)

Prince Puma & Suicide made their debut as a tag team in the Joker's Wild Tournament Finals, as Suicide was the replacement for Puma's partner James Storm who was injured by Evolution. The team defeated Drago & Joey Ryan to become the new contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The match was then scheduled to take place at Battleground.

On December 28th, High Voltage competed in their final match, losing to Celtic Cross. Following this match, Ricochet was released from the WTX Universe, leaving Perkins as a singles competitor.

Championships and Accomplishments

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