The Grand Slam Championship is an accomplishment within the WTX Universe. It's made in reference to a wrestler who has held a midcard, tag team, world and tertiary championship throughout their career in the series.


The Grand Slam Champion term was invented upon Randy Orton becoming WWE Tag Team Champion, he claimed that since he had held the Intercontinental Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship he had accomplished all there was to accomplish on the SmackDown brand and declared himself the first ever Triple Crown Champion, a month later he won the Hardcore Championship, claiming himself as the first Grand Slam Champion also.

As of 2014, these wrestlers are one championship away from becoming Grand Slam Champion.

List of Champions

Date in italics = The wrestler has won that title but it does not contribue towards their Grand Slam Championship because they had already won Grand Slam or already won a title on the same level.

Date in bold = The date the wrestler became a Grand Slam Champion.

Champion World Championships Tag Team Championships Midcard Championships Tertiary Championships
WWE World Heavyweight NXT WWE Tag Team World Tag Team NXT Tag Team Intercontinental United States Cruiserweight Hardcore
Randy Orton 15th December 2013 29th January 2012 28th April 2013 4th May 2014 29th January 2012


(Above weight limit)

24th May 2013
Shawn Michaels 22nd January 2014 7th April 2013 1st May 2013 4th December 2013 23rd October 2013
Wade Barrett 6th April 2014 11th September 2013 20th May 2012


(Above weight limit)

30th October 2013
Cody Rhodes 16th December 2012 16th June 2013 18th August 2013 30th July 2014
Big Show 27th April 2012 29th January 2012 17th August 2014


(Above weight limit)

19th March 2014
Jaichi 28th December 2014 16th June 2013 9th September 2013 12th March 2014

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