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WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 68 Fastlane 2017 Live-0

Fastlane (2017) 
is a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on March 5th and was hosted by the RAW & SmackDown brands.


This is the first Fastlane event to take place within the WTX Universe, replacing the former event King of the Ring, although still hosted the same concept and tournament. This is the follow up to SmackDown event Elimination Chamber and is the final event before WrestleMania VI.

The show featured fourteen matches, seven of which will be contested for championships from RAW & SmackDown, with the other seven being parts of the King of the Ring tournament to determine who will next challenge for a world championship at WrestleMania VI. The first confirmed match for the event was the World Tag Team Championship rematch between The Blood Brothers and the former champions The Ascension. The second confirmed match was the World Heavyweight Championship rematch, pitting the new champion AJ Styles against rival and former champion Baron Corbin, who Styles had been clashing with since mid January.

The third confirmed match was a match between SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, and Trish Stratus who had picked up a lot of momentum heading into the show, including defeating Bliss in a non-title match before Elimination Chamber, and then defeating Lita to become the new contender heading into Fastlane. The fourth confirmed match was the RAW Women's Championship match, heading into the event Charlotte had begun targetting the champion Rosemary until on February 20th, she faced Gail Kim in a contenders match for the championship, the match ended in double count-out leading to both, Charlotte and Gail Kim getting a shot at the Fastlane event.

The fifth match to be confirmed was the WWE Championship main event, pitting long time rivals Triple H and Shawn Michaels against each other one more time after Michaels defeated Randy Orton on February 20th to become the new contender for the WWE Championship, after which, Triple H attacked Michaels once again, hitting him with a Pedigree. The sixth match confirmed for the event was for the recently vacated WTX Championship, vacated by Bobby Lashley after winning the Global Championship and having to decide which one to drop. On February 21st, Goldust defeated Zack Ryder to qualify for the match at Fastlane, the next week, just five days before the event, Goldust's opponent was decided to be Shinsuke Nakamura who defeated former champion Bo Dallas. The final match to be determined for the event was the seventh match, as The Great Destroyer was voted in from SmackDown and El Frostico from RAW to challenge Tye Dillinger for the Hardcore Championship.

The King of the Ring tournament participants were confirmed on the February 20th edition of RAW and February 21st edition of SmackDown, with RAW's participants being announced as Randy Orton, Batista, Neville & Edge. SmackDown's participants will be Finn Balor, John Cena, Rey Mysterio & The Undertaker. The winner of the tournament will then go on to challenge their brands world champion in one of the main event matches at WrestleMania VI.


The opening match saw Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Goldust in a match mostly controlled by Goldust, in which Nakamura hit the Kinshasa for the victory, earning his first championship win. The second match was an incredibly competitive match, seeing many near falls before Rosemary defeated Gail Kim with The Red Wedding to retain her championship. In the third match, The Great Destroyer pinned El Frostico off of Hyperpower to win his fifth Hardcore Championship. The fourth match saw The Blood Brothers retain when Damien Sandow pinned Viktor for the victory off of a Terminus.

In the fifth match, Alexa Bliss defeated Trish Stratus to retain the SmackDown Women's Championship, pinning Stratus off of a second Twisted Bliss for the win. The first world title match saw AJ Styles dominate Baron Corbin, only to lose the match to a surprise End of Days. In the final world title match, Triple H retained his championship once again, defeating Shawn Michaels off of a single Pedigree to win.

The tournament saw Batista make it to the finals from RAW, and The Undertaker from SmackDown, with Batista defeating The Undertaker to confirm Batista vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania VI, with an added Hell in a Cell stipulation later being announced.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Shinsuke Nakamura def. Goldust Singles Match for WTX Championship 8:16
2 Rosemary (c) def. Gail Kim & Charlotte Triple Threat Match for RAW Women's Championship 13:08
3 The Great Destroyer def. Tye Dillinger (c) & El Frostico Triple Threat Match for Hardcore Championship 3:37
4 "Blood Brothers" Damien Sandow & Elias Samson (c) def. "The Ascension" Konnor & Viktor Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 7:57
5 Alexa Bliss (c) def. Trish Stratus Singles Match for SmackDown Women's Championship 5:42
6 Baron Corbin def. AJ Styles (c) Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 4:32
7 Triple H (c) def. Shawn Michaels Singles Match for WWE Championship 5:06
8 Neville def. Randy Orton King of the Ring Quarter Final 2:33
9 Batista def. Edge King of the Ring Quarter Final 6:17
10 Finn Balor def. John Cena King of the Ring Quarter Final 6:38
11 The Undertaker def. Rey Mysterio King of the Ring Quarter Final 4:27
12 Batista def. Neville King of the Ring Semi Final 14:30
13 The Undertaker def. Finn Balor King of the Ring Semi Final 5:52
14 Batista def. The Undertaker King of the Ring Finals Match for WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania VI 5:57

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