ECW Women's Championship
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Current Champion Havok
Date Won 1st January 2017
Date Established 1st March 2017
Brand ECW
First Champion Havok
Most Reigns All (1 reign)
Longest Reign Havok (141+ days)
Shortest Reign Havok (141+ days)
Most Defenses Havok (3 defences)

The ECW Women's Championship is a women's division championship in the WTX Universe. It is the women's division championship of the ECW brand and was first introduced after NXT was shut down and replaced by ECW on March 1st 2017, with the final NXT Women's Champion Havok retiring the championship and continuing her reign under the ECW Women's Championship.


The ECW Women's Championship debuted as the women's division championship for ECW on March 1st 2017 following the announcement that ECW would replace NXT, unlike most replacements, the champions from NXT continued their reigns under the ECW championship titles, making Havok already 63 days into her reign as ECW Women's Champion once the title was introduced.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Defences Event Notes
1 Havok 1 1st January 2017 141+ 3 New Years Revolution 2017 Championship replaced NXT Women's Championship, starting Havok's reign at 63 days and with 1 defence

Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Havok 1 141+

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