ECW Television Championship
Former ECW Television Champion, The Great Destroyer
Current Champion Brian Pillman (Final)
Date Won 5th August 2016
Date Established 9th June 2015
Brand ECW
First Champion Ezekiel Jackson
Most Reigns All (1 reign)
Longest Reign Christian (44 days)
Shortest Reign Ezekiel Jackson (7 days)
Most Defenses Christian (5 defences)

The ECW Television Championship was a midcard championship within the WTX Universe. It was the midcard championship of the ECW brand and was first introduced on the debut episode of ECW as ECW's exclusive television championship, banning the other Television Championship from the ECW brand as a whole. As opposed to the original Television Championship which is to be defended on every aired show, the ECW Television Championship was set to be defended on every aired ECW show and PPV. Along with ECW, the ECW Television Championship was retired on August 23rd 2015.

Upon being revived with the ECW brand, the championship is now to be treated like a standard midcard championship and not defended every show.

At SummerSlam 2016, upon SmackDown defeating ECW, the championship was once again retired with the brand.


The ECW Television Championship debuted on the debut episode of ECW as their midcard championship on 9th June 2015. It was contested for in an Extreme Rules Fatal 4-Way Match between Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara and the winner and inaugral champion, Ezekiel Jackson.

Upon ECW's arrival, ECW General Manager Paul Heyman stated that he wanted ECW to be its own brand and that he didn't want the original Television Championship or the other three brands superstars on his shows. As a solution, he introduced ECW's own exclusive Television Championship to be their midcard championship. The championship must be defended every week on ECW and at any PPV featuring ECW.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Defences Event Notes
1 Ezekiel Jackson 1 9th June 2015 7 0 ECW This was an Extreme Rules Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the first ECW Television Champion, this match also featured Christian, Alberto Del Rio & Sin Cara
2 Christian 1 16th June 2015 44 5 ECW
3 Mr. Kennedy 1 30th July 2015 36 0 SmackDown This was a 6-Man Battle Royal also featuring Gregory Helms, Razor Ramon, Gunner & Eddie Guerrero
4 The Great Destroyer 1 3rd June 2016 35 1 ECW This was a Fatal 4-Way Match also featuring Finn Balor & Christopher Daniels
5 Son of Havoc 1 8th July 2016 28 1 ECW
6 Brian Pillman 1 5th August 2016 16 0 ECW The championship was retired on August 21st 2016

Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days


1 44
2 Mr. Kennedy 1 36
3 The Great Destroyer 1 35
4 Son of Havoc 1 28
5 Brian Pillman 1 16
6 Ezekiel Jackson 1 7

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