Drew Galloway
Height 6ft 5in
Weight 246lbs
From Ayr, Scotland
Debut 10th February, 2012
Brand SmackDown
Season 1 Record 9-7
Season 2 Record 12-7
Season 3 Record 15-15
Season 4 Record 7-11

Drew Galloway is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. He has held a total of six championships throughout his career, he is a former 1-time Television Champion, 1-time Hardcore Champion, a 2-time NXT Tag Team Champion once with Wade Barrett and once with William Regal, he is also a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion.


SmackDown (2012)

Galloway made his debut under the name Drew McIntyre on the February 10th 2012 edition of SmackDown defeating the also debuting Ezekiel Jackson in singles competition.

McIntyre & Brock Lesnar had a long feud with each other over almost 2 months of SmackDown episodes in which they fought each other in extreme matches weekly. After the feud ended Lesnar was placed into a handicap match with Big Show & Alberto Del Rio, McIntyre saved Lesnar during the match aligning himself with Lesnar, this debuted a new team called The Next Big Things that was centered around the respect they had developed for each other.

McIntyre was given a spot in the 2012 Money in the Bank Ladder Match, however, Shelton Benjamin would go on to win the match.

The Next Big Things Split & The United Kingdom (2013-2014)

At WrestleMania II, McIntyre won an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match to become Hardcore Champion. As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, McIntyre was drafted from SmackDown to RAW. However, he quickly returned to SmackDown later in the year.

In mid 2013, McIntyre began to focus on his tag team once again, with Lesnar already currently holding the Intercontinental Championship, the two set their sights on Team Rhodes Scholars' WWE Tag Team Championship, with Lesnar staking his own championship to make it a double championship match, at SummerSlam, The Next Big Things lost the championship match, with McIntyre getting pinned costing Lesnar the Intercontinental Championship. The following week on SmackDown, Lesnar beat down McIntyre in the backstage area, ending their team.

McIntyre then moved to the NXT brand, where he debuted teaming with Wade Barrett, as the two defeated Elijah Burke & Big Daddy V. The following week, McIntyre & Barrett challenged and defeated The Miz & John Morrison to become NXT Tag Team Champions.

The champions then aligned themselves with the NXT Champion Sheamus on October 9th, forming The United Kingdom, the three beat down both Ted DiBiase Jr. and Triple H.

At Survivor Series, The United Kingdom lost the NXT Tag Team Championship to The Prime Time Players. On December 18th, McIntyre teamed with William Regal, defeating The Prime Time Players and regaining the NXT Tag Team Championship for The United Kingdom. The team successfully defended their championship for the first time at Royal Rumble, with McIntyre & Regal retaining against The Hard Knox.

On February 6th, The United Kingdom lost the NXT Tag Team Championship as issues began to brew among the faction as DiBiase began to spread rumours that one of the members had been bought out by him, this lead to issues between McIntyre & Regal, causing them to lose their championship to the Motor City Machine Guns. At No Way Out, McIntyre competed in the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber, being eliminated from the match by Triple H following a Spinebuster.

World Heavyweight Champion & Return to NXT (2014)

On March 28th, McIntyre was drafted from NXT to RAW as part of the 2014 Draft. As WrestleMania III drew near, The United Kingdom split into two teams, with William Regal & Adrian Neville remaining a team and Drew McIntyre & Sheamus going their seperate ways as The Celtic Cross, the two faced off at WrestleMania III, with The United Kingdom retaining the NXT Tag Team Championship. The match had intitally added the stipulation that if Celtic Cross had won, McIntyre would remain on NXT, however if he lost, he would be drafted to RAW, making the original run only one night.

At Backlash, McIntyre got a huge upset victory, last eliminating Brock Lesnar in an Elimination Fatal 4-Way to win the World Heavyweight Championship. At Judgment Day, McIntyre competed in a rematch with former champion Wade Barrett with the RAW General Manager Mr. McMahon as guest referee, McMahon screwed McIntyre out of the championship, later revealing that he didn't think McIntyre was fit to be champion and that he wanted him gone. At Money in the Bank, despite the odds being against him, McIntyre regained the championship in a Triple Threat between McIntyre, Dean Ambrose, who had won the championship recently on RAW, and Wade Barrett, who was invoking his rematch clause. The following night, McIntyre was screwed out of the championship once again, being immediately placed into a Battle Royal for his championship in which if he lost, he would be fired. He was eliminated from the match and rival Barrett went on to win the championship, ending McIntyre's time on RAW.

On September 24th, McIntyre returned to NXT, winning a first round match in a tournament for the vacant NXT Championship, defeating Tyson Kidd. McIntyre lost his second round match in the tournament, losing to AJ Styles. On November 19th, McIntyre reunited with Sheamus to defeat Big E & Alberto Del Rio, qualifying both superstars for Team NXT at Survivor Series. At Survivor Series, Team NXT lost to Team RAW.

Return to RAW (2015)

In April of 2015, McIntyre was drafted from NXT to RAW as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. At Over the Limit, McIntyre faced Sheamus after Sheamus betrayed McIntyre on an episode of RAW, at the event, McIntyre lost to Sheamus. At SummerSlam, McIntyre defeated Big E to win the Television ChampionshipAt Cyber Sunday, McIntyre lost the championship to Austin Aries.

On November 9th, McIntyre changed his name officially to Drew Galloway. At Survivor Series, Galloway was decided as a member of Team RAW to represent the brand against Team SmackDown, he teamed with Hideo Itami Randy Orton, with Galloway eliminated both Sting & Batista and finally, Itami getting the deciding pinfall on Finn Balor to win the match for Team RAW. At Vengeance, Galloway competed for the Global Championship in a Fatal 4-Way won by Dean Ambrose.

Celtic Cross Reunion (2016-2017)

On the 29th February edition of Raw, Galloway competed in a Fatal 4-Way to determine who would challenge Randy Orton for his WWE Championship at King of the Ring, however, he lost to Mark Henry. Galloway returned from a short period of inactivity on the May 7th edition of Main Event, defeating Chris Jericho. Galloway was then a part of the Joker's Wild Tournament, teaming with randomly paired partner Sheamus to reunite Celtic Cross. The two defeated Mark Henry & The Miz on the May 9th edition of Raw. They were eliminated in the semi-finals by Drago & Joey Ryan on June 6th, however, the team stated they would remain together.

On the December 28th edition of RAW, Celtic Cross teamed up after a period of singles competition, defeating High Voltage to both qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.

Return to SmackDown (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Galloway was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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