Diva's Tag Team Championship
Current Champion Natalya & Paige (final)
Date Won 26th March 2016
Date Established 15th January 2016
Brand N/A
First Champion Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch
Most Reigns All (1 reign)
Longest Reign Natalya & Paige (99+ days)
Shortest Reign Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch (33 days)
Most Defenses Natalya & Paige (5 defences)

The Diva's Tag Team Championship is a former tag division championship within the WTX Universe. It was the only tag team championship to be contested for by female competitors within the WTX Universe and was available to teams from across all three brands. The championship was revealed on social media on January 15th 2016 and was contested for in an 8-Team Tournament that took place on Main Event, starting on the January 30th 2016 edition. The tournament was won by Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch on 22nd February 2016 at WTX Live! From London.


Following rumours starting on the January 11th edition of Raw, there was speculation of a potential Diva's Tag Team Championship being introduced to be solely defended on the Main Event show. On January 15th it was confirmed via social media with an image of the new championship. The tournament was set to take place beginning on the January 30th edition of Main Event and took place over a span of 6 weeks, with the first champions being crowned at the 2016 event, King of the Ring. This idea was changed, however, as two new championships to be defended on Main Event were introduced as the new WTX Championship and returning Cruiserweight Championship. With these additions all three champions were determined at WTX Live! From London on 22nd February 2016 which featured the tournament semi-finals and finals, as Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch became the first champions. The championship was retired on July 4th.


# Team Reign Date Won Days Held Defences Event Notes
1 Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch 1 22nd February 2016 33 1 WTX Live! From London This was a Tournament Finals Match also featuring Alexa Bliss & Emma
2 Natalya & Paige 1 26th March 2016 100 5 Main Event

Combined Reigns (by team)

Rank Team # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Natalya & Paige 1 100
2 Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch 1 33

Combined Reigns (by wrestler)

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Natalya 1 100
Paige 1 100
2 Alice Lovecraft 1 33
Becky Lynch 1 33

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