Dean Ambrose
Height 6ft 4in
Weight 225lbs
From Cincinnati, Ohio
Debut 4th January 2013
Brand RAW
Season 2 Record 15-9
Season 3 Record 12-16
Season 4 Record 9-8

Dean Ambrose is the member of RAW roster as of 2017. Ambrose is a four time champion as a former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion & Global Champion.


The Shield (2013-2014)

Dean Ambrose made his WTX Universe debut on the January 4th edition of RAW, teaming with Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns as The Shield, the trio attacked and defeated The Great Khali in a Handicap Match. On March 3rd, The Shield invaded SmackDown, attacking n.W.o leader Hulk Hogan to issue a SmackDown vs. RAW challenge for WrestleMania II. At WrestleMania, The Shield lost 0-3 in an Elimination Tag Team Match against n.W.o.

On the April 30th 2013 edtion of RAW, The Shield resurfaced, attacking the WWE Champion, The Undertaker, backstage. The three then began pursuing his WWE Championship. The following week on RAW, Undertaker challenged The Shield to a match, with The Shield defeated Undertaker 3-on-1. Undertaker then challenged them once again the following week, this time to a Gauntlet Match, with The Undertaker defeated each individual member of The Shield. At Extreme Rules, all three members of The Shield challenged The Undertaker in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match, with Dean Ambrose last defeating Seth Rollins to become the new WWE Champion.

At Cyber Sunday, Ambrose was voted to defend his championship against The Undertaker, Scott Steiner, Bobby Lashley, and tag partners Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns inside of Hell in a Cell, despite the odds against him, Ambrose retained the championship. Ambrose lost the championship at Money in the Bank to Edge. Following which, he lost a rematch to Edge at SummerSlam inside Hell in a Cell. At TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Ambrose had another chance at the WWE Championship, however, the match was won by Randy Orton.

In June of 2014, The Shield set their sights on World Heavyweight Champion Wade Barrett and RAW General Manager Mr. McMahon, who had been unfairly cheating Drew McIntyre out of the championship. On June 16th, McMahon offered a comprimise, giving Ambrose a shot at Barrett in which Ambrose defeated Barrett to become World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, McIntyre came out to add insult to injury by attacking Barrett, however, Ambrose saved Barrett, potentially returning the favour for the championship opportunity. At Money in the Bank, Ambrose quickly lost his championship to McIntyre in a Triple Threat also featuring Barrett. The following night on RAW, Ambrose was given an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship, teaming with Rollins & Reigns in a match also for their World Tag Team Championship, The Shield won, beginning Ambrose's first reign as Intercontinental Champion. At SummerSlam, Ambrose lost the championship to former champion Leo Kruger, who claimed he never lost the championship. On September 1st The Shield lost the World Tag Team Championship, following the loss, Reigns & Rollins got into a fight with each other backstage. On the September 15th edition of RAW, the two were set to face each other in the main event, however, Ambrose ran out and attacked both former allies, officially ending The Shield. At Night of Champions, the former trio faced off in a triple threat, with Rollins defeated Reigns & Ambrose to become the new contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

On December 8th, Ambrose defeated Randy Orton to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber at VengeanceAt Vengeance, Ambrose was eliminated from the match last by The Great Destroyer.

The Shield Reunion (2015)

At King of the Ring, Ambrose competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, advancing to the quarter-finals before being eliminated by RybackOn March 23rd, The Shield reunited, attacking members of The Legacy backstage, taking out Cody Rhodes and then Ted DiBiase Jr. backstage before revealing that they were behind the attacks, attacking Randy Orton to close the show. At WrestleMania IV, The Shield then went on to defeat The Legacy in a 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match, with no members of The Shield being eliminated. Following the match the team went their seperate ways. The following week, Ambrose was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. At Judgment Day, Ambrose competed in a contenders match in which the winner would challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event, he defeated Mark Henry but was later attacked and injured by Henry who then took Ambrose's place in the main event.

At No Mercy, Ambrose & Roman Reigns teamed up to face off against and defeat The AscensionAt Survivor Series, Ambrose was traded from SmackDown to RAW as one of the three trades RAW got upon Team RAW defeating Team SmackDown earlier in the show.

On December 7th, Ambrose made his RAW return, defeating Finn Balor to be named the new contender for the Global Championship.

Global Champion & Draft to NXT (2015-2016)

At Vengeance, Ambrose won the Global Championship from Carlito when he pinned Damien Sandow in a Fatal 4-Way match that also featured Drew Galloway. At Royal Rumble, Ambrose retained his championship in a rematch with former champion Carlito.  At King of the Ring, Ambrose lost his Global Championship to Finn Balor, as whilst Balor was fighting with Bad News Barrett in the ring, Ambrose was focused on Wolfe Kessler, hitting Dirty Deads on Kessler through the announce table. At WrestleMania V, Ambrose fought Balor for the Global Championship, losing to Balor again. The next night, as part of the 2016 Draft, Ambrose was traded to NXT.

Ambrose made his first appearance as an NXT superstar on the April 27th edition, defeating John Cena. Rikishi added that if Ambrose were to defeat Cena, he would give Ambrose a shot at his United States Championship. Ambrose faced Rikishi the following week in a championship main event, losing to Rikishi after a Banzai Drop from the champion. Ambrose was given another opportunity as he faced Booker T with the chance to enter an upcoming United States Championship if he were to win, Ambrose was unsuccessful however, as Booker defeated Ambrose with an Axe Kick.

At Money in the Bank, Ambrose competed in the Mid Tier Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but was unsuccessful as the match was won by Rey Mysterio.

At New Years Revolution, Ambrose was placed into the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber main event, being eliminated third from the match by Kevin Owens off of a rollup. On the January 18th edition of NXT, Ambrose defeated Ethan Carter III to qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.

RAW (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Ambrose was drafted from ECW to RAW as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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