Damien Sandow
Height 6ft 4in
Weight 247lbs
From Palo Alto, California
Debut 17th January 2013
Brand ECW
Season 2 Record 13-7
Season 3 Record 7-15
Season 4 Record 7-20

Damien Sandow is a member of the ECW roster as of 2017. He has held three championships during his time within the WTX Universe as Sandow is a former Intercontinental Champion as well as a former WWE Tag Team Champion with Cody Rhodes as Team Rhodes Scholars. He is also one half of the current reigning World Tag Team Champions with Elias Samson as the Blood Brothers.


Debut, Team Rhodes Scholars & Intercontinental Champion (2013-2014)

Damien Sandow made his debut on the January 17th edition of SmackDown, defeating Antonio Cesaro & Curt Hawkins in a Triple Threat Match. Following the WWE Draft, Sandow began teaming with new SmackDown superstar, Cody Rhodes, the team defeated Randy Orton & Batista to become WWE Tag Team Champions at Cyber Sunday, they then officially named themselves Team Rhodes Scholars.

At SummerSlam, Team Rhodes Scholars retained their championship in a double championship match against The Next Big Things, because of this, Cody Rhodes was then rewarded Brock Lesnar's Intercontinental Championship. The following week on the August 30th edition of SmackDown, Team Rhodes Scholars lost the WWE Tag Team Championship, when Rhodes submitted quickly to a submission hold from Heath Slater, there was speculation that Rhodes had decided he no longer needed the tag team championship or Damien Sandow, as he was a singles champion. The following week, the two had a match to settle any issues, however, this match lead to the split of the team as Rhodes hit Sandow with a steel chair, getting himself disqualified and further causing issues between the two.

At Night of Champions, Rhodes & Sandow had an Extreme Rules grudge match for the championship, with Sandow defeating Rhodes to win the Intercontinental Championship. At Over The Limit, Rhodes won the championship back from Sandow in an I Quit Match.

At King of the Ring, Sandow competed in the King of the Ring tournament, losing to Crimzon in the first round. At Cyber Sunday, Sandow was voted into an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship, the match was won by Triple H.

RAW (2015)

At WrestleMania IV, Sandow competed in and lost the Money in the Bank ladder match to StingAt Backlash, Sandow faced and lost to Randy Orton in a contenders match for the WWE ChampionshipAt Over the Limit, Sandow competed for the WWE Championship in an Elimination 4-Way match, being eliminated second by Wade BarrettAt SummerSlam, Sandow teamed with Randy Orton & The Undertaker to defeat The RevolutionAt Cyber Sunday, Sandow competed for the Global Championship, losing to the champion Carlito.

On November 16th, Sandow defeated Bo Dallas to become the new contender for the Global Championship. At Survivor Series, Sandow challenged the champion Carlito for the Global Championship, winning the match via countout when Carlito walked out on the match, meaning Sandow was not the champion despite winning. At Vengeance, Sandow got another opportunity in a Fatal 4-Way match in which he was pinned by Dean Ambrose.

Blood Brothers (2016-present)

Throughout 2016, Sandow had a downfall from his previous status within the WTX Universe, as Sandow continued to lose a majority of his matches. Sandow would qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania V, however, defeating JBL on an episode of Raw. At WrestleMania, Sandow was unsuccessful as Tyler Breeze won the match. After this, Sandow stayed on Raw following the 2016 draft. Sandow would later change to his former personality as the Intellectual Savior of the Masses, growing more aggressive with each loss. On an episode of Main Event, Sandow lost to Vader, promising that the next time they faced off he would bring an "awesome secret weapon." Sandow would then request a match from Vader in which Vader's new partner Wolfe Kessler had to stay out of the match. Vader accepted the challenge, however, Sandow would not compete in the match, introducing his "secret weapon", Elias Samson, debuting their tag team, The Blood Brothers. Samson would go on to defeat Vader after two sitout powerbombs. A tag team match was then confirmed for Backlash between The Blood Brothers and the team of Wolfe & Vader. Sandow & Samson lost to Kessler & Vader at Backlash after Kessler hit Samson with a second rope Chokeslam. On June 27th, Blood Brothers were given a WWE Tag Team Championship Match on RAW, the team were unsuccessful in defeating the champions Edge & Christian, however.

At Roadblock, Sandow was voted into a Hardcore Championship Triple Threat alongside Drago, the match saw Chad Gable retain after making Drago submit to a Cross Armbreaker whilst Sandow was taunting in the corner, missing the submission completely.

On January 23rd, Blood Brothers defeated The Worldwide Underground to become contenders for the World Tag Team ChampionshipAt Royal Rumble, Blood Brothers then defeated The Ascension to win the championship, the finish saw Samson pin Viktor off of a Neckbreaker.

At Fastlane, The Blood Brothers got their first retention, defeating former champions The Ascension in their rematch. The following night on RAW it was revealed that they would defend the championship at WrestleMania VI against Enzo Amore & Big Cass.

On April 2nd 2017, Sandow was drafted from RAW to ECW as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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