Chris Hero
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Height 6ft 4in
Weight 225lbs
From Dayton, Ohio
Debut 29th July 2013
Season 2 Record 0-3
Season 3 Record 15-11
Season 4 Record 2-5

Chris Hero is a former wrestler in the WTX Universe.


Debut & WWE Tag Team Champion with Christian (2013-2014)

Kassius Ohno made his debut on the July 29th 2013 edition of SmackDown, losing to the also debuting Conor O'Brian. In early 2014, Ohno changed his ring-name to Chris Hero. At No Way Out, Hero competed in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, being eliminated from the match by CM Punk after a GTS. At WrestleMania III Hero teamed with Christian to win the WWE Tag Team Championship from Bad InfluenceHowever, they lost the championships back to the former champions on the April 25th edition of SmackDown. The team then split shortly after, due to Hero walking out on Christian.

Championship Pursuits & The Revolution (2014-2015)

At Judgment Day, Hero competed in a 6-Man Battle Royal for the United States Championship, being eliminated fourth by FandangoAt SummerSlam, Hero earned himself a WWE Championship opportunity, rising the ranks similar to then champion The Miz, in the match itself, though Hero put up a good fight, Miz retained the championship.

In late October on SmackDownJames Storm began working with former tag team partner Jack Swagger, during this time, Crimzon returned as a much darker character and set his sights on Swagger, on October 18th, Storm betrayed Swagger, assisting Crimzon in defeating Swagger. On October 25th, The Revolution was officially formed as Crimzon teamed with Chris Hero, with the concept of the group being a cult-like group, following the leadership of James Storm, the two defeated Jack Swagger.

At No Way Out, The Revolution faced and defeated the team of Shelton BenjaminMVP & Bobby Lashley, with the match taking place in the first ever 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Chamber match, with no members of The Revolution being eliminated from the match and Storm last eliminating Lashley.

​Championships and Accomplishments

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