Height 6ft 5in
Weight 232lb
From Lucerne, Switzerland
Debut 17th January 2013
Brand SmackDown
Season 2 Record 6-14
Season 3 Record 10-22
Season 4 Record 18-14

Cesaro is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. He has held two championships as Cesaro is a former Hardcore Champion as well as a former Intercontinental Champion. During Cesaro's reign as Intercontinental Champion, he made two records as longest reigning Intercontinental Champion with 171 days as well as most successful defending champion with 11 defences.


Debut (2013)

Antonio Cesaro made his debut on the January 17th edition of SmackDown, losing a Triple Threat Match to Damien Sandow. As part of the Supplemental Draft, Cesaro was drafted to Raw. Cesaro then was voted into a United States Championship Match at Cyber Sunday, losing to the defending champion, Randy Savage.

On the January 8th 2014 edition of NXT, Cesaro defeated Wade Barrett & Christian in a Triple Threat Table Match to win his first championship, the Hardcore Championship. Cesaro held the championship until the February 6th edition of NXT, where he lost it to Seth Rollins. At King of the Ring, Cesaro competed in the King of the Ring tournament losing in the opening round by Edge.

Draft to RAW (2014)

On March 24th, Cesaro was drafted to RAW as part of the 2014 Draft. At WrestleMania III, Cesaro competed in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell for the Hardcore Championship. Upon moving to RAW, Cesaro dropped the "Antonio" part of his name, being simply known there-on as Cesaro.

At Backlash, Cesaro competed in an Elimination Fatal 4-Way for the World Heavyweight Championship, Cesaro was eliminated first from the match by Wade Barrett. At Judgment Day, Cesaro then challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, losing to the incredibly successful champion Adam Rose.

At Unforgiven, Cesaro got his first one-on-one world championship opportunity, challenging Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship, the two had a competitive match, with Barrett successfully retaining.

At Cyber Sunday, Cesaro was voted into another World Heavyweight Championship match, this time an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match that was won by Triple H.

On November 17th, Cesaro defeated Samoa Joe to qualify for Team RAW at Survivor Series. Team RAW won the match against Team NXTm with Cesaro being a co-survivor with Ethan Carter III.

Intercontinental Champion & NXT (2014-2016)

At Vengeance, Cesaro defeated Titus O'Neil to win the Intercontinental Championship. At King of the Ring, Cesaro defended his championship successfully against Chris JerichoAt WrestleMania IV, Cesaro defended his championship in an Elimination Fatal 4-Way match against Razor Ramon, Wade Barrett & Finn Balor, eliminating every participant in the match. The following night on RAW, Cesaro was drafted from RAW to NXT with the Intercontinental Championship as part of the 2015 Draft. At NXT TakeOver, Cesaro held an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship, retaining against Randy Savage. After several weeks of successful open challenges for his championship, on June 17th, Cesaro lost the championship to Seth Rollins, ending his reign at 171 days and 10 defences.

At Cyber Sunday, Cesaro challenged for the NXT Championship losing to the champion The Great DestroyerAt King of the Ring, Cesaro competed in the King of the Ring tournament, defeating The Great Destroyer in the quarter final before losing to Kevin Owens in the semi-finals. The following Wednesday on NXT, Cesaro won a Battle Royal to be the first confirmed participant for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania V.

Return to Raw & Frustrated Gimmick (2016-2017)

Following WrestleMania, Cesaro was drafted back to Raw. On the following episode of Raw, Cesaro was booked to go one on one with Samoa Joe, who was drafted to Raw from SmackDown. Before the match could begin, Joe attacked Cesaro. The following week on Raw it was announced that Cesaro would face Samoa Joe at Backlash. Cesaro then teamed with The Undertaker in a losing effort against Samoa Joe & Baron Corbin after Corbin got Undertaker counted out. At Backlash, Cesaro defeated Joe with a Swiss Death Uppercut.

The following night on Raw, Cesaro was scheduled for an Intercontinental Championship match with Ric Flair, however, he was attacked before the show, cancelling the match. It was announced that Cesaro would compete in a 6-Man Battle Royal on the May 9th edition of Raw against Samoa Joe, Matt Hardy, Tyler Breeze, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper to determine who would face Flair for his championship on the May 16th edition, however, the Battle Royal was won by Matt Hardy. At Money in the Bank, Cesaro competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but was unsuccessful as the match was won by Finn Balor.

On December 12th, Cesaro defeated Samoa Joe in a contenders match to earn a match against Triple H for the WWE Championship at Roadblock. At Roadblock, Cesaro was unable to defeat Triple H despite hitting him with Swiss Death and a Neautralizer, Triple H barely kicked out and retaliated with a Spinebuster and Pedigree to retain the championship. On January 16th, Cesaro defeated Kurt Angle in a contenders match to earn another opportunity at Triple H and the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble event. At Royal Rumble, Cesaro faced Triple H once again, this time in a much more competitive 12 minute match, the match saw Triple H defeat Cesaro once again however, pinning Cesaro off of a Pedigree for the win.

SmackDown (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Cesaro was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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