Celtic Cross
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Members Sheamus

Drew Galloway

Combined Weight 513lbs
Debut 8th April 2014
Years Active 2014,2016-present

Celtic Cross are a tag team on RAW as of 2016.


​First Run (2014-2015)

As WrestleMania III drew near, The United Kingdom split into two teams, with William Regal & Adrian Neville remaining a team and Drew McIntyre & Sheamus going their seperate ways as The Celtic Cross, the two faced off at WrestleMania III, with The United Kingdom retaining the NXT Tag Team Championship. The match had intitally added the stipulation that if Celtic Cross had won, McIntyre would remain on NXT, however if he lost, he would be drafted to RAW, making the original run only one night.

The two were reunited during the 2015 Draft, only for Sheamus to quickly turn on McIntyre, punching him in the face and walking out on him during a match against The Misfits.

Reunion (2016-present)

On May 9th, Sheamus & Galloway were randomly paired together as part of the Joker's Wild Tournament, the two defeated Mark Henry & The Miz in the first round but lost to Drago & Joey Ryan on June 6th. The team stated after being eliminated from the tournament that they would remain together.

On the December 28th edition of RAW, Celtic Cross teamed up after a period of singles competition, defeating High Voltage to both qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.

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