Brock Lesnar
Lesnar as World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown in 2015.
Height 6ft 3in
Weight 286lb
From Minneapolis, Minnesota
Debut 3rd February 2012
Season 1 Record 16-13
Season 2 Record 26-10
Season 3 Record 9-14
Season 4 Record 16-6

Brock Lesnar is a former wrestler in the WTX Universe. He has held seven championships throughout his career, he is a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, a 1-time WWE Champion, a 1-time Intercontinental Champion, a 2-time Hardcore Champion as well as being the first ever Hardcore Champion, and a former WWE Tag Team Champion with Batista during his short time in Evolution.


Debut & World Heavyweight Champion (2012)

Brock Lesnar made his WTX Universe debut on the debut episode of SmackDown on February 3rd 2012, he faced 2012 Royal Rumble winner Edge in the main event of the show losing to him via pinfall after an Edgecution DDT.

Lesnar began a long feud with Drew McIntyre over almost 2 months of SmackDown episodes in which they fought each other in extreme matches weekly. After the feud ended Lesnar was placed into a handicap match with Big Show & Alberto Del Rio, McIntyre saved Lesnar during the match aligning himself with Lesnar, this debuted a new team called The Next Big Things that was centered around the respect they had developed for each other.

At Over The Limit Lesnar was voted into a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Championship alongside Sheamus, the champion Randy Orton and the winner of the match, Wade Barrett.

Lesnar got his first shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out in a match also featuring the defending champion Edge as well as Randy Orton & Eddie Guerrero. Lesnar won the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge earning his first and only World Championship reign to date.

Guerrero was then given another chance at Lesnar's World Championship at Money in the Bank, this time capturing his first World Championship by defeating Lesnar in a Ladder Match. Lesnar would invoke his rematch clause at the next event, SummerSlam with the addition of Samoa Joe, Lesnar would fail to recapture his championship.

On the November 9th edition of SmackDown, Brock Lesnar won a 4-Way Matchup to determine the inaugral Hardcore Champion, a championship that he would then have to defend weekly. He lost the championship to The Undertaker on January 6th 2013. At WrestleMania II, Lesnar competed in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell for the Hardcore Championship, the match was won by Drew McIntyre, however.

Intercontinental Champion & World Championship Pursuit (2013)

On the April 20th edition of SmackDown, Lesnar defeated Mick Foley, Drew McIntyre & Sting to become Hardcore Champion for the second time. Lesnar successfully defended the championship against Rhyno at Backlash. Lesnar's second reign came to an end on the May 24th edition of SmackDown, losing to Randy Orton in a Table Match.

At Cyber Sunday, Lesnar faced Ryback in what was voted to be an I Quit Match, with Lesnar dominating Ryback to become Intercontinental Champion for the first time.

Following this, Lesnar began teaming with McIntyre again, the two set their sights on Team Rhodes Scholars' WWE Tag Team Championship, with Lesnar staking his own championship to make it a double championship match, at SummerSlam, The Next Big Things lost the championship match, with McIntyre getting pinned costing Lesnar the Intercontinental Championship. The following week on SmackDown, Lesnar beat down McIntyre in the backstage area, ending their team.

At Hell in a Cell, Lesnar challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship, losing to champion CM Punk after Punk used Lesnar's weak stomach against him to get a cheap win. At Survivor Series, the two faced off again, with Punk beating Lesnar again, this time via submission. Lesnar challenged Punk once again alongside allies Goldberg & Rhyno at Royal Rumble, however, Punk pinned Goldberg to retain.

WWE Champion (2014-2015)

On March 28th, Lesnar was drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2014 Draft. At WrestleMania III, Lesnar competed in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match for the Hardcore Championship, losing to Mick Foley.

At Backlash, Lesnar competed in an Elimination Fatal 4-Way for the World Heavyweight Championship, being last eliminated from the match by former partner Drew McIntyre.

In late 2014, Lesnar returned to SmackDown, on September 26th, he defeated Goldust in an impromptu match to win the WWE ChampionshipAt No Mercy, Lesnar faced Goldust as well as former champion The Miz in a triple threat, defeating both. At Survivor Series, Lesnar faced and retained against the first ever WWE Champion, CM Punk. At Royal Rumble, Lesnar faced against two similar opponents to himself in Ultimate Warrior & Triple H, defeating both when he pinned Triple H off of an F5 to retain. At No Way Out, Lesnar defended his championship in the Elimination Chamber, entering at #1 and single handedly eliminating every participant in the match, the last of which being Ryback, who entered the match last. The following Friday on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar retained his championship against Kevin Nash, after which, The Undertaker appeared behind Lesnar, chokeslamming Lesnar and then holding up the WWE Championship. At King of the Ring, the two faced off, with Goldberg returning and attacking Undertaker to help Lesnar get the win and retain the championship.

At WrestleMania IV, Lesnar finally lost the WWE Championship at 184 days to Ryback, who had won the King of the Ring tournament to earn the match, this also ended Lesnar's season-long undefeated streak.

Second World Heavyweight Championship Reign (2015-2016)

Lesnar was then later drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. On April 13th, Lesnar defeated The Undertaker to become the new contender for the WWE Championship. At Backlash, Lesnar lost his rematch to Ryback. He returned to SmackDown shortly after. At No Mercy, Lesnar challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship, losing to the champion Mark HenryAt Survivor Series, Lesnar got another opportunity, defeating Mark Henry this time around to become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion.

At Royal Rumble, Lesnar defended his championship successfully against Bret Hart, whom Lesnar injured in the match.

At No Way Out, Lesnar lost the championship being last eliminated from the Elimination Chamber by Batista. After losing his World Heavyweight Championship to Batista at No Way Out, Brock Lesnar invoked his rematch clause against Batista for King of the Ring. At the event Lesnar defeated Batista via countout, due to the match ending in controversial fashion, SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long added Lesnar to the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania V, which was initially between Batista & Rey Mysterio. A few weeks before WrestleMania, Lesnar was put into a match with Mysterio in which he defeated Mysterio in dominant fashion. Mysterio then told Neville, who had been chasing the World Heavyweight Championship, that if he could defeat Lesnar, he could join the WrestleMania championship match. Neville went on to defeat Lesnar, making it a Fatal 4-Way at WrestleMania. At WrestleMania Lesnar failed to recapture the World Heavyweight Championship, as whilst he was fighting with Neville on the outside, Mysterio hit Batista with a 619 and got the pinfall.

Draft to RAW (2016)

Following WrestleMania, Lesnar was drafted to the Raw brand, he made his return on May 16th as a surprise opponent for Neville in which Lesnar defeated Neville, making himself #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Upon challenging Triple H for the championship, Lesnar was hit with a chair by Triple H, causing a disqualification and allowing Triple H to keep his championship. A rematch was set for Money in the Bank, this time under a TLC stipulation, however, Triple H retained the championship against Lesnar.

Championships and Accomplishments

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