Bourne In-Zayn
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Members Evan Bourne

Sami Zayn

Combined Weight 388lbs
Debut 2nd July 2014
Disbanded 9th July 2015
Years Active 2014-2015

Bourne In-Zayn are a former tag team within the WTX Universe that consisted of Evan Bourne & Sami Zayn, notably winning the NXT Tag Team Championship in their debut as a team, they are 3-time NXT Tag Team Champions as well as former WWE Tag Team Champions.


NXT Tag Team Champions (2014-2015)

On July 2nd, Evan Bourne & Sami Zayn formed the team Bourne In-Zayn and accepted the challenge issued by NXT Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & MVP for their championship, Bourne In-Zayn ended up defeating the team to capture the championship in their debut match as a tag team.

At SummerSlam, Bourne In-Zayn lost their championship to the team of AJ Styles & Raven, known as The Fallen. On September 17th, they got their rematch, but were unable to win back the championship. At Survivor Series, Bourne In-Zayn teamed with NXT Champion Kofi Kingston in a Traditional Survivor Series Match against The Fallen, Kingston won the match for the team last pinning Batista with outside help from Big E, this victory earned Bourne In-Zayn another opportunity at the NXT Tag Team Championship. At NXT Arrival, Bourne In-Zayn defeated The Fallen to recapture the NXT Tag Team Championship. On February 18th, Bourne In-Zayn lost the championship to Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.

At WrestleMania IV, they won the championships a third time, defeating Slater & Gabriel in a Steel Cage Match. Bourne In-Zayn were then drafted from NXT to SmackDown, exchanging their NXT Tag Team Championship for the WWE Tag Team Championship in the process. At Judgment Day they quickly lost the championship to Jeri-Show in an impromptu match after Jeri-Show attacked and replaced The Flock.

They got their rematch on June 5th, losing to Jeri-Show once again. On July 9th, the team agreed to go their seperate ways.

Championships and Accomplishments

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