Height 6ft 6in
Weight 278 lbs
From Washington D.C.
Debut 1st February 2016
Brand ECW
Season 1 Record 16-9
Season 2 Record 14-8
Season 3 Record 11-11
Season 4 Record 23-7

Batista is a member of the ECW roster as of 2017. He has held a total of seven championships throughout his career in the WTX Universe. He a former World Heavyweight Champion as well as a former 3-time Hardcore Champion and 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion once alongside Randy Orton and once alongside Brock Lesnar, both as a member of Evolution. He is also a former NXT Champion having a record 217 days with the championship


Debut (2012)

Batista made his WTX Universe debut on the February 1st debut episode of NXT in a singles match with Mason Ryan in which he won. His pay-per-view debut took place at Elimination Chamber 2012 in which he fought Rey Mysterio in a Last Man Standing Match, defeating Mysterio within just a few minutes. Batista would continue his climb to the top from here, winning numerous matches on NXT, most of which were with Mason Ryan this series of success from Batista earned him a shot at WWE Champion CM Punk for his championship at WrestleMania XXVII. Batista however would end up unsuccessful in defeating Punk.

He was given another championship opportunity later that month at Extreme Rules alongside Shawn Michaels, the match ended with Punk escaping whilst Batista was distracted hitting Michaels with a Batista Bomb.

At Over The Limit a Armaggeddon Hell in a Cell Match took place that featured WWE Champion CM Punk defend his championship against Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels, Batista, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock. The match ended with Bryan making Michaels submit, ending Punk's 112 day WWE Championship reign.

Due to Batista's continued success both on Raw & NXT, he was given another WWE Championship opportunity at No Way Out where he would face off against defending champion Daniel Bryan as well as fellow challengers Stone Cold & Shawn Michaels. The match ended with Austin winning the WWE Championship after pinning Daniel Bryan.

On November 23rd, Triple H debuted a new faction known as Evolution, the faction consisted of Triple H as the leader as well as Batista & Ric Flair, in their debut match, Batista & Triple H defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, in a non-title match.

Evolution & Hardcore Champion (2013-2014)

On the March 24th edition of SmackDown, Batista defeated JBL to become Hardcore Champion. Batista then lost the championship to Drew McIntyre in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania II.

At Backlash, Orton & Batista defeated Shawn Michaels and former Evolution member Triple H to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. They then lost their championship to Team Rhodes Scholars at Cyber Sunday, leading to internal issues between Batista & Orton.

Following their championship rematch loss on the June 28th edition of SmackDown, Orton & Batista broke out into a fight backstage, with Flair trying to stop the fight between the two, Orton ended up laying out both Batista & Flair, ending the initial run of Evolution.

Batista quickly bounced back, defeating The Crimson Blade on the July 28th edition of NXT to become Hardcore Champion for the second time. A month later on the August 29th edition of NXT, Orton defeated Batista for the Hardcore Championship. At No Way Out, Batista competed in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, being eliminated by Goldberg following a Neckbreaker.

Batista made a comeback in mid 2014, defeated AJ Styles for the Hardcore Championship on June 4th. The following week, however, Batista lost the championship to Bobby Roode.

The Fallen (2014)

In mid 2014, Batista entered himself to take part in the Joker's Wild Tournament, being randomly paired with Raven. On the August 13th edition of NXT, Raven & Batista won a Joker's Wild Tournament Final against AJ Styles & Ted DiBiase Jr. to become new contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship, after Styles betrayed his partner in the finals matchup, allowing Batista & Raven to win, Styles later revealed himself to be aligned with Batista & Raven as a trio dubbed The FallenAt Cyber Sunday, Batista was voted into a triple threat match for the NXT Championship, losing to champion Corey GravesAt Night of Champions, Batista lost to Graves for the championship again, however, this time injured Graves forcing Graves to then vacate the championship.

On October 1st, Batista won a first round match in a tournament for the vacant NXT Championship, defeating Mark Henry. Batista then lost the second round match to Bray WyattAt Survivor Series, The Fallen faced Bourne In-Zayn and NXT Champion Kofi Kingston in a Traditional Survivor Series Match, with Kingston's championship on the line, the match came down to Batista & Kingston until Big E interfered to secure the win for Kingston. 

NXT Champion (2014-2015)

At NXT Arrival, Batista won the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber, last eliminating Adrian Neville who he speared through a chamber pod for the victory. After this, The Fallen split up when Raven attacked Batista, saying he used them to get to the top, aRoyal Rumble, Batista defended against both former team mates, submitting Raven to the Batista Bite to retain. Batista was then decided by the 2015 Royal Rumble Winner Rusev to be his WrestleMania IV opponent. At WrestleMania IV, the two faced off in an I Quit match, with Batista retaining the championship over Rusev. At NXT TakeOver, Batista main evented retaining the championship against Kevin OwensAt Unforgiven, Batista's 217 day reign came to an end when The Great Destroyer defeated him via submission.

SmackDown (2015)

On September 3rd, Batista moved to SmackDown by accepting an open challenge for the United States Championship from the champion Yokozuna, Batista lost the match, but remained on SmackDown afterwards. At Survivor Series, Batista was decided as a member of Team SmackDown to represent the brand against Team RAW, he teamed with Sting Finn Balor, with Team SmackDown losing the match, Batista was eliminated second from the match by Drew Galloway.

World Heavyweight Champion & Return to Raw (2016-2017)

On February 4th, Batista defeated Kane to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship match at No Way Out, at the event Batista won his second world championship, the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time, last pinning the then-champion Brock Lesnar after a Batista Bomb on the steel. The following night, Batista guest appeared on Raw, facing NXT Champion Pentagon Jr. Earlier on the show however, Batista attacked the 2016 Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio, forcing Mysterio to choose Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship for his WrestleMania V main event match. Brock Lesnar would then invoke his rematch clause against Batista for King of the Ring. The match between Batista and Lesnar ended in a count-out when Lesnar knocked Batista out for a ten count on the outside, due to this, Lesnar was added to the WrestleMania match between Mysterio, Batista & Neville who was later added to the match. At WrestleMania Batista would lose his championship after a 619 from Rey Mysterio.

The following night Batista was drafted away from SmackDown as part of the 2016 WWE Draft, as he was brought back to the Raw brand. On the post-WrestleMania Raw it was announced that although Batista could not have a rematch with Mysterio, he would instead have an opportunity at Triple H and the WWE Championship at Backlash, the match would also feature the former WWE Champion Randy Orton, making it a Triple Threat Match. Later into the show Batista went one-on-one with Orton, dominating Orton and getting an easy win. Batista then faced Triple H the following week, but after being overwhelmed by Triple H, got himself disqualified. At Backlash, Batista & Orton failed to defeat Triple H, who pinned Batista off of a Pedigree to retain the championship. The following night on Raw it was announced that Batista would be taking some time away from the ring to recover from injuries caused by the match at Backlash. Batista made his return on May 30th alongside Orton, the team decided to reform Evolution with Triple H stating that they couldn't beat him so they may as well join him. The two were entered into the Joker's Wild Tournament, defeating Chris Jericho & JBL. On June 13th, they were eliminated after losing to Prince Puma & James Storm.

Batista & Orton were next scheduled to face Tyler Breeze & Tye Dillinger in the main event of RAW, however, Evolution attacked Tye Dillinger before the match and changed it to a 3 on 1 also featuring Triple H, the three beat down and injured Tyler Breeze, cancelling his match with Triple H at Battleground.

At Royal Rumble, Batista made his return to the WTX Universe, entering at #28, the following night, he returned to RAW, facing and defeating Randy Orton in a contenders match for the WWE Championship. The following week on the February 13th edition fo RAW, Batista lost to Triple H in a competitive championship match, after Triple H attacked Batista before the match began.

At Fastlane, Batista won the King of the Ring tournament to earn another shot at Triple H and the WWE Championship, he then added a Hell in a Cell stipulation to their rematch at WrestleMania VI, promising not to only defeat Triple H for the championship, but end Triple H altogether.

ECW (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Batista was drafted from RAW to ECW as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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