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Backlash (2014) 
was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe. It was held on May 4th 2014.


Backlash (2014) was the second Backlash event to take place within the WTX Universe. It was the follow up to WrestleMania III, followed shortly by Judgment Day.

The show featured a total of the typical seven matches, of which all seven were for championships from each of the RAW, NXT & SmackDown brands. The show featured only one SmackDown match, the WWE Championship match between The Undertaker and challenger, CM Punk. By technicality, there was a second SmackDown match, however, the match also featured RAW superstars, as it was a 6-Woman Battle Royal to determine the new unified Women's Champion & Diva's Champion, the show featured respective champions Layla and Alice Lovecraft, as well as Winter, AJ Lee, Michelle McCool & Paige. From NXT, the show featured a Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match between champion Justin Gabriel, Xavier Woods and Corey Graves. NXT's main event was also a Triple Threat, pitting Ted DiBiase Jr. up against Mark Henry & Bray Wyatt. From RAW, the show featured the aforementioned Diva's Championship Match as well as a World Tag Team Championship Extreme Rules Open Challenge from The Disciples of Darkness, accepted by Rated RKO. The show also featured RAW's Intercontinental Championship being defended as Adam Rose faced Tyler Breeze, in the main event, the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line as Wade Barrett defended in an Elimination Fatal 4-Way against Cesaro, Brock Lesnar & Drew McIntyre.


The event featured six new champions, with only one successful defence. To open the show, Corey Graves defeated Justin Gabriel & Xavier Woods by escaping the cage to win his first championship, the Cruiserweight Championship. In the second match, Rated RKO ended The Disciples of Darkness record World Tag Team Championship reign, with Edge pinning The Great Destroyer off of a leverage pin for the victory. The third match saw the only title retention of the night, as Adam Rose defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall following a Clothesline. The final midcard match of the night saw Michelle McCool win the Diva's & Women's Championships, last eliminating Paige off of a leverage pin.

In the first of the three main events, from NXT, Bray Wyatt won the NXT Championship, defeating Ted DiBiase Jr. via pinfall following Sister Abigail. In SmackDown's main event, CM Punk defeated The Undertaker following interference from Shawn Michaels, who Super Kicked Undertaker, allowing Punk to get the pinfall victory. In the main event, Drew McIntyre won the World Heavyweight Championship, last eliminating Brock Lesnar following a Future Shock DDT to get the huge upset victory.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Corey Graves def. Justin Gabriel (c) & Xavier Woods Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for Cruiserweight Championship 6:00
2 "Rated RKO" Edge & Randy Orton def. "The Disciples of Darkness" The Great Destroyer & Crimzon (c) Extreme Rules Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 6:32
3 Adam Rose (c) def. Tyler Breeze Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 6:35
4 Michelle McCool def. Layla (c), Alice Lovecraft (c), Paige, AJ Lee & Winter 6-Woman Pinfall & Submission Battle Royal for Women's Championship & Diva's Championship 7:27
5 Bray Wyatt def. Ted DiBiase Jr. (c) & Mark Henry Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match for NXT Championship 8:04
6 CM Punk def. The Undertaker (c) Singles Match for WWE Championship 7:53
7 Drew McIntyre def. Wade Barrett (c), Brock Lesnar & Cesaro Elimination Fatal 4-Way for World Heavyweight Championship 19:42

Women's Championship/Diva's Championship Battle Royal Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Layla AJ Lee Pinned following a Shiranui 3:21
2 Winter Michelle McCool Pinned following a Butterfly Backbreaker from Alice Lovecraft 5:29
3 AJ Lee Paige Pinned following a Paige Turner 5:37
4 Alice Lovecraft Michelle McCool Pinned following a Faith Breaker 5:59
5 Paige Michelle McCool Pinned via leverage pin 7:27
Winner Michelle McCool - - 7:27

World Heavyweight Championship Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Cesaro Wade Barrett Pinned following a Bull Hammer 7:28
2 Wade Barrett Brock Lesnar Pinned following a Neckbreaker from Drew McIntyre 17:05
3 Brock Lesnar Drew McIntyre Pinned following Future Shock DDT 19:42
Winner Drew McIntyre - - 19:42

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