Height 5ft 3in
Weight 137lbs
From Osaka, Japan
Brand SmackDown

Asuka is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. She is a three time Diva's Champion.


Debut (2015)

On the November 12th 2015 edition of SmackDown, Asuka made her debut by defeating Layla.

Diva's Champion (2016)

At a live event from Japan on January 1st, Asuka defeated Beth Phoenix to win the Diva's ChampionshipAt No Way Out, Asuka retained her championship against both Alicia Fox & Alexa Bliss. At WrestleMania V, Asuka defended her Diva's Championship successfully against Sexy Star. Following this, Asuka and her championship were drafted to Raw. As part of the Raw brand Asuka quickly engaged in a small feud with Gail Kim, with Gail Kim being named top contender, Asuka defeated Kim in a non-title match on Raw. Kim then went on to win a 6-Diva Battle Royal, eliminating every participant to get a Diva's Championship Match against Asuka at Backlash. At Backlash, Kim ended Asuka's championship reign via pinfall off of her Air Raid Crash finisher.

On May 30th, Asuka invoked her rematch on Raw, defeating Gail Kim to recapture the Diva's Championship.

At Roadblock, Asuka introduced the new RAW Women's Championship, a renamed and redesigned replacement for the Diva's Championship, Asuka lost the championship to Rosemary, after Rosemary pinned Asuka off of The Red Wedding.

SmackDown (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Asuka was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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