AJ Styles
Height 5ft 11in
Weight 218 lbs
From Gainesville, Georgia
Debut 16th June 2012
Brand SmackDown
Season 1 Record 2-3
Season 2 Record 4-7
Season 3 Record 14-15
Season 4 Record 4-7

AJ Styles is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. He has held five championships throughout his career, he is a former Hardcore Champion, one half of the former NXT Tag Team Champions with Raven as 2/3 of The Fallen, the final ECW Champion and a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion.


World Heavyweight Championship Pursuit (2012)

AJ Styles made his WTX Universe debut in the main event of the June 16th 2012 edition of SmackDown, he along with Tensai & Joey Mercury were part of a new superstar initiative that saw many new faces arrive on both Raw & SmackDown. He also faced off against Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston & Wade Barrett in this Battle Royal, Styles got the win last eliminating Del Rio.

Due to his impressive debut Styles was quickly given an Intercontinental Championship opportunity at the No Way Out PPV event, he was defeated however by defending champion Wade Barrett. At Hell in a Cell, Styles competed in a World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Hell in a Cell Match, however Styles was unsuccessful and the match was won by The Rock.

NXT (2013)

At Night of Champions, AJ Styles challenged Ted DiBiase Jr. for the Light Heavyweight Championship, however, he was unsuccessful. On May 21st, AJ Styles defeated The Great Destroyer to win the Hardcore Championship. On the 4th June, Styles lost the championship to Batista.

The Fallen (2014)

On the August 13th edition of NXT, AJ Styles, who had been teaming with Ted DiBiase Jr. as part of the Joker's Wild Tournament to determine new contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship, betrayed his partner in the finals matchup against Batista & Raven, allowing the opposing team to win, Styles later revealed himself to be aligned with Batista & Raven as a trio dubbed The Fallen.

At SummerSlam, Batista gave his championship opportunity to AJ Styles for his loyalty to the group, Raven & Styles then went on to defeat Bourne In-Zayn for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

At Cyber Sunday, The Fallen were voted into a title defence against Luke Harper & Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family retaining their championship. On October 1st, Styles won a first round match in a tournament for the vacant NXT Championship, defeating Suicide. On October 15th, Styles advanced in the tournament defeating Drew McIntyre in a second round match. At Survivor Series, The Fallen faced Bourne In-Zayn and NXT Champion Kofi Kingston in a Traditional Survivor Series Match, with Kingston's championship on the line, the match came down to Batista & Kingston until Big E interfered to secure the win for Kingston. At NXT Arrival, Bourne In-Zayn defeated The Fallen to recapture the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Return to Singles Competition (2015)

At Royal Rumble, Styles competed for Batista's NXT Championship after The Fallen had imploded over the championship, the match saw Raven submit to Batista's submission finisher.

World Heavyweight Champion & ECW Champion (2016-present)

At the Royal Rumble event, AJ Styles made his return to the WTX Universe after being absent for a full year. He was then revealed to be a part of NXT, in which he quickly entered a small feud with R-Truth after defeating Truth on NXT. On February 9th, AJ Styles was attacked by R-Truth, who had a NXT Championship match later in the night. Truth stated his reason for this was to prevent Styles from interfering as Styles is bitter than he couldn't beat Truth, despite Truth having never beaten Styles. The following week, the two were scheduled to face each other, however, the match was called off when Styles attacked Truth whilst he was making his entrance.

On February 24th, Styles was entered into an 8-Man Tournament to determine the first WTX Champion, he was eliminated in the first round by rival R-Truth, who went on to win the tournament. Three days later on Main Event, Styles faced R-Truth and defeated him, earning a future match for the WTX Championship. On March 12th, the two ended their rivalry after Styles was unsuccessful in defeating Truth for the WTX Championship.

On March 23rd, AJ Styles won a Fatal 4-Way Match to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania V. At WrestleMania, Styles was unsuccessful as the match was won by Tyler Breeze. The following night, as part of the 2016 Draft, Styles was drafted to SmackDown. He was given a World Heavyweight Championship Match against new champion Rey Mysterio on his first night back on SmackDown, with Styles defeating Mysterio to win his first world championship within the WTX Universe. On April 21st, the two had their rematch on SmackDown, with Styles retaining the championship.

Styles would then partake in a series of matches involving the Global Champion Finn Balor, Global Championship contender Kane, and top contender for Styles' championship, Ultimate Warrior, with Styles losing a majority of the matches. At Judgment Day, Styles retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Ultimate Warrior. Following the match the new SmackDown General Manager was revealed to be Paul Heyman, who called for one more match between Kane and Styles, with Kane resurrecting the ECW Championship, Kane defeated Styles and retired the World Heavyweight Championship and SmackDown for ECW.

At Money in the Bank, Styles faced Kane for the ECW Championship, defeating Kane after a lengthy back and forth match. Kane then began carrying the World Heavyweight Championship insisting that bringing ECW back was a mistake and wanting to defeat Styles. It was confirmed that AJ Styles would team with ECW World Tag Team Champions American Alpha, to face final World Heavyweight Champion Kane and final World Tag Team Champions The Ascension in an Elimination 6-Man Tag at SummerSlam. The winning team would determine weather ECW would stay and Styles & American Alpha would remain champions, or the championships would be retired and SmackDown would return with Kane and The Ascension as champions.

On July 15th, Styles faced Viktor, losing to Viktor due to outside interference from Konnor as well as having previously been attacked by Kane. The following week Styles defended his championship against Viktor, due to the close competition however, Styles walked out on the match to keep his championship.

At TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Styles competed in a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, the match was won by Baron Corbin.

On the first SmackDown of 2017, Styles defeated Kane to qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.

At Elimination Chamber, after feuding with Baron Corbin leading into the event, Styles targetted and ensured Corbin lost the World Heavyweight Championship, he then went on to win the chamber match, last eliminating Finn Balor to win his second World Heavyweight Championship and his third world championship overall.

At Fastlane, Styles quickly lost the championship back to Corbin in a one-on-one rematch. The following Tuesday it was announced Styles, along with Finn Balor and The Undertaker, would compete in a Fatal 4-Way against Baron Corbin for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania VI.

Championships and Accomplishments

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